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We are a very active and vibrant dating, support & social community. We have awesome forums, groups, chat, blogs and people are posting pics like crazy! Any one of these will keep you smiling. Some will even say we are addicting!

We have this much fun because our members do not have to worry about somebody “Popping in” to see who’s here. This is because we do not offer a “Free Membership.” All members have to be upgraded to even access the inside of HWerks.



HWerks is a modern dating & social networking site!  We have:

  • Private – Members must be upgraded to access
  • Detailed Profiles
  • Smart Phone Friendly
  • Video Chat and Instant Messenger
  • Very Active Forums
  • Groups
  • Blogs
  • Photo Albums
  • Video uploads and embeds from YouTube.

For a full list of features, visit our Features Page!


Before you click that Join Button!

Once inside of HWerks, for the first time, make sure to check your email settings!!  They are all on by default.  Don’t panic!  To control what emails you receive, simply go to the “Profile” tab on top and then select “Email Notifications.”  You’ll want to keep the notifications on for when people send you a site mail, leave a profile comment…etc.  We rarely send out emails.

Then get familiar with the member search!

Don’t worry, these instructions are also on the inside in the “How To’s” section.



Membership to HWerks is $24.95 for an entire year!  That is approximately $2 bucks a month for  HOURS of enjoyment and interaction with really awesome people that share our unique gift!

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*** Special!!!!!  For a limited time only***  As far as we know, we will have this for a long time so we are offering a Lifetime Membership for $45.00!!  Even if you do find your soulmate, have 4 kids and buy a house in the country, we find that our members still come back to stay in touch with all the friends made!



Frequently Asked Questions…aka FAQs

Why no “Free” option??  This is actually a 2-part answer!

#1 While “Free to Join” memberships are great profile generators for a website and artificially boost their numbers, they don’t do anything for the members that upgrade.  What happens is people join a site for free, realize they have to be upgraded to do anything and they never return…yet their profile remains.   We don’t want those “Dead” profiles cluttering up things!

#2 One of the biggest worries people have about joining a site, like this, is that somebody they know will be able to see them.  The old “Hmmm, a herpes site.  I wonder if I know anybody in my area” fear that may be realized because the site does offer a free membership.  Our members have to be upgraded to use the site.  If you do see someone that you know, don’t worry!  There are here for the same reason and want their privacy respected just as much as you do!

Hey!  How come there isn’t a monthly option??

Because we are cheap and there is no rush!  A yearly membership here is less than many others charge for just a month!  When most people join a site for just a month, the first thing they feel is the need to contact as many people as they can before that 30 days is up.  Now, you can relax and take your time!  We have a LOT going on inside and a month may not be enough time to see it all.  Besides, we WANT you to stick around!  You never know who may join the next month!

I don’t have a PayPal account!

No worries!  PayPal just processes the payments but you do not need a Paypal account.

Will you ever share my information with a 3rd party?

No!  Not even if pigs grow wings!  We will never share your information.

I want to join NOW and can’t wait any longer!

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